What to Check When Your Garage Door Opens By Itself?

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Does your garage door open by itself? When this happens, it can make you restless and deprive you of much-needed peace of mind. You need to seek the services of Garage Door Expert, a company with experience in handling garage-related problems, for a garage door repair.

Well, there can be a host of things that you need to check to eliminate this garage door problem. These include:

The Use of Similar Frequencies with a Neighbor

In some cases, your codes may match those of your neighbor’s garage door opener. Therefore, when the neighbor opens their garage door, yours opens too. The most common answer to this problem is to reprogram your frequencies. However, it is important to contact a professional, such as Garage Door Expert, who are specialists in matters related to your garage.

Inspect the Safety Sensors

Most garage doors are installed with safety sensors that detect any object below the garage door as they close. Such objects may include snow, wood, or any other physical object. When the sensors detect these objects, they can cause the garage door to not close completely.

Call Garage Door Expert to make a careful examination of the garage door sensors to ensure they are working normally, and if not, they will make a quick garage door repair for you.

Check Your Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener can either be remote control or buttons on the wall. The buttons may be faulty and cause the door to open without your knowledge. Therefore, check to see whether the wall button is in the right position and does not have faulty wiring. For the remote, ensure the buttons are in their normal position.

If there is any fault with the opener, contact a professional for a garage door opener repair.

Limit Settings

Your preset settings on how high the garage door should open could be the main problem for finding your garage door open. The settings should be precise, not too high, and not too low. This way, your garage door can open and close normally. However, if you have trouble with your limit settings, contact Garage Door Expert for a quick garage repair that will bring back your peace of mind.

Check Your Wiring

Given that the garage door is automated, it has a lot of wiring that makes it operate as it does. This wiring may be the root cause of the problem. Therefore, it is important to examine your garage door wiring.

Wiring involves electricity which can be quite dangerous for someone who does not know how to handle it well. Therefore, contact a professional to make the inspection and repair any damaged wires and, in turn, get your garage door functioning properly in no time. The professional may even go ahead and inspect the transformer and control board to ensure they are not the cause of the problem.

Dirt and Clutter

As mentioned earlier, your garage door has a sensor that can detect anything below the garage door. If you pile some clutter in your garage, then it is best that you arrange them properly to prevent the garage door from opening by itself.

Have a cleaning routine that involves eliminating any debris and fallen leaves near your garage. Also, snow buildup can cause the garage door to open by itself. If there is nothing around the garage door and it still opens back up when you close it, then the problem might be the garage door sensors. In this case, call a professional to have a look and fix the sensors.

A garage door opening by itself is not only a nuisance but also a security risk, as anyone can have access to your garage when you are not at home. The above are some of the things you need to thoroughly check if your garage door opens by itself. Garage Door Expert is a renowned company that has dedicated staff with proper training in garage repair. Do not hesitate to contact their team through the website https://garagedoorexpertusa.com to receive quality services.

The company is well versed with every garage door problem and uses top-notch equipment in making the repairs. In addition, the team advises you on how best to take care of your garage and can also conduct an emergency garage door repair.

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