Best Restaurants in Philadelphiaa

The restaurant scene in Philadelphia is not as massive as in some cities; however, there are plenty of awesome restaurants that you can try out in the town. As you arrive at the restaurants that will be listed below, you should be hungry and ensure your appetite is in check.

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Here are some of the best restaurants in Philadelphia:

City Tavern

Philadelphia is the birthplace of America. In this state, you’ll get to enjoy your meal alongside a side of entertainment and history. The founding fathers of our nation have had the privilege of dining at the City Tavern, and you can get to enjoy a wide selection from the menu that is inspired by the 18th century. The kids’ menu has won awards, and it includes colonial chicken pot pie and cornmeal-crusted chicken fingers, among other meals. The people working at the restaurant also wear full colonial garb, which adds some fun to everything.

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Omakase is a dining style in Japanese, and the chef will select every bite for dinner, and it is uncommon in Philadelphia. It makes Hiroki an excellent addition to the dining scene in Philadelphia. The restaurant is based in Fishtown, and it has been restrained in a manner that is intentional. At the restaurant, you’ll not only enjoy the sumptuous food, but you’ll also get to enjoy the paintings on the walls. The pieces of sushi on your table are also artful.

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Blue Corn

This restaurant is small. Although it is unassuming, it should not fool you. Blue Corn is popular for the Mexican food they serve. The restaurant also has a vibe that is unpretentious. The restaurant also uses fresh ingredients, and all the items on the menu are authentic, ranging from blue tacos and guacamole. The happy hour menu is long, and it includes different specialty cocktails

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Kalaya Thai Kitchen

This is among the best restaurants based in Philadelphia. The restaurant has been decorated in a simple manner. The sparse design will enable the diners to focus on food only, of which if you’re in the best food places, what else would you want to focus on? The food is fresh, fiery, and the experience will make you feel like you’re eating in Thailand.

South Philly Barbacoa

The restaurant is owned by Ben Miller and Cristina Martinez. As the owners of one of the cool restaurants in Philadelphia, the joint serves the best tacos, and if you reside on the East Coast, you can get to try them out. The menu isn’t as extensive; however, you’ll get to enjoy the barbacoa tacos. Once you try out the tacos, you’ll always be back for more. Besides dining at one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia, you can get quality garage doors from Garage Door Expert Inc.

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As you walk through the double doors of this restaurant, you’ll feel like you’re in Paris. The tiled floor, warm lighting, bistro-style chairs, and butter scent guarantee a transportive experience. Similar to Paris, the restaurant offers outdoor seating, and there is also a windowed wall that is long. You should know that Parc acts as a suitable spot for watching people at any given moment. The food is similar to the French fore-bearers.

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Little Fish

The dining room at the restaurant allows at least 22 people at a go. In the past 25 years, the restaurant prides itself in serving fresh ingredients that are from the sea. Alex Yoon is the owner and chef. He also writes down the menu on a chalkboard, and it changes daily. If you’re looking for a special experience, you should call ahead of time. You can also carry your favorite bottle of wine.

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Final Thoughts

We’ve managed to look into some of the best restaurants in Philadelphia. You can try out each one of them if you want an awesome experience whenever you’re in Philadelphia. Explore the city’s rich history of Philadelphia, exciting musical venues and exquisite museums. 

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